Graffiti piece spelling "DYNE" and "I ❀️ MUM" in bright colors

πŸ’ The return of the bloom (S2024-E07)

For dynes residing in the northern hemisphere, it is easy to forget that, when spring unfolds, the south finds itself in autumn. But seasons have no effect on the warmth of a dyne's heart. Roses come in many colors, ultraviolet this rave. Olive-oil is getting expensive & WiFi is microwave. Welcome to the greenhouse, fellow dyne!

πŸ“– New book is out

And it's on five-finger discount! You read that right: open access for the masses! This book is the fruit of long process involving many dynes, be they residents or neighbors.

Global collaboration, local production. Fab City als Modell fΓΌr Kreislaufwirtschaft und nachhaltige Entwicklung.

In it, a close look at "Creative Flows"; a Keynes inspired grass-root economic system applicable to on-site as well on-line DAO designs. And "Digital Product Passport" documents, using Valueflows in Fab City Hamburg.

Global collaboration, local production
Dieses Buch gibt aktuelle interdisziplinΓ€re Forschungseinblicke rund um das Fab City-Konzept.

✊🏾 Reclaim The Tech - 2024

Bologna, Terra Promessa! Dynes love conferences. Well, dynes love meeting with other specimens, and if it's in a nerdy set-up it's all bonus! The city of Bologna in Italy, is not at all famous for it's pasta sauce, but totally renown for it's academic history, it's bike-friendly peaceful traffic, bellissimi creatures and incredible camaraderie. It hosts one of the most human tech-conference ever; Reclaim The Tech. This year it is taking place from 17th to 19th May.

Graffiti mural from the venue of Reclaim The Tech (TPO - showing a pair of giant boots and hands stepping on a city like a Godzilla, only to plant a sprout in a hole that the giant just dug upp.

This is a community organized event that unites fire-souls from the entire universe, to converse, plot and conspire around tools, techniques and narratives to put the control of tech back in the hands of the People. While it is a good idea to learn Italian before you go, it is not a requirement. The species attending have a generous relationship to knowledge and information. And there is no length that will be avoided to get the camaraderie through. Also, if there is one planet you can navigate socially with hand gestures, Italy is the one! 🀌

Festival 2024 - Programma
Officina di saperi e pratiche per la giustizia digitale, sociale, di genere e climatica.
Reclaim The Tech is a community on the move, fighting for digital justice. In a world marked by conflicts and transformations, we seek a space for hybridization and reappropriation of technologies, open to alliances with the fight for social-, gender- and climate-justice. In 2023 Reclaim The Tech was a bet, today it is a collective reality based on the participation and sharing of ideas, projects and alternative technologies. Here is the program of the second edition of Reclaim The Tech Festival, from 17 to 19 May 2024 in Bologna.

πŸ“¨ A telegram from Mrs. Dyne

Telegram. We came for the open source client and stayed for the sticker-packs. It's a webshit like any other but oh, does it do the convenience dance right?! It's got all the bells and whistles. Your kids love it, and your granps too! If there's anything this webshit can't do, you WILL find a bot for it.

Some dynes from a nearby galaxy where people wear grey hats have hacked together an interesting piece of software and given it a poetic name: CCTV - Close-Circuit Telegram Vision.

With this tool, you can monitor others' real-time location for, erhm, say... logistics or safety! While no one on planet Dyne would encourage anyone to surveil their peers, this piece of software highlights the precarity of attitudes towards fun and dandy webshits. Like sharing your location in a seemingly private environment.

GitHub - IvanGlinkin/CCTV: Close-Circuit Telegram Vision revolutionizes location tracking with its open-source design and Telegram API integration. Offering precise tracking within 50-100 meters, users can monitor others in real-time for logistics or safety, redefining how we navigate our surroundings
Close-Circuit Telegram Vision revolutionizes location tracking with its open-source design and Telegram API integration. Offering precise tracking within 50-100 meters, users can monitor others in…

πŸ₯ New music style dropped, whodis?

Still in the tones of privacy, here's a platitude for you: Music unites. Music heals. Music educates! The following music is no exception. Drone and noise aficionados will resonate to these exquisitely eye-opening tunes! Turn-up the volume and get into the groove!

The creepy sound of online trackers
I can’t get the noise out of my head. People who watch the video express awe and disgust. And that is why Dutch software developer Bert Hubert’s experiment is so powerful. It doesn’t really uncover something that we shouldn’t already know. Something we often choose to ignore. The brilliance is

πŸ‘Ύ Questa È Zona Warpa!

Almost everyone loves games and parties. But have you heard about a nomadic party before? Maybe you have, but ponder the concept for a second. Typically, artists and shows are touring. This Zona Warpa thing right here is flipping the tofu-steak on all of that, and takes the whole party on to the tour buss! Wow!

Quest Γ¨ zona warpa!

And they do it with such cool and grace, in a pure grassroots, down to earth style, with beautiful graphics and emphasis on open social networks!

Zona Warpa

🫰🏾 And now, a word from our sponsors

El secreto de la paz mundial esta en los chilaquiles. Chill all. Kill less

πŸ₯‡ Narrative video championship

Some videos should age like milk, not for being bad or predictable, but because they cover outraging topics in detail and everyone should be mad and triggered into changing all of that. But generally, not much happens so the milk stays fresh.

However, fellow dyne, our struggle is not a matter of hours, days, months or years. It's the story of our lifetime. And sometimes, a good narrative can help a dyne better frame ideas in order to more effectively disseminate them. Here's an excellent one by exurb1a.

Don't Hex the Water -

πŸ’Ύ The sound of 1632 KB

Quoting someone on the interwebz:

mind blown . I also like to imagine me seeing this in 1991. Then mind would have been melted :)

And yes, the technical prowess IS mind melting, but also WHAT A FUGGING BANGER TUNE!

Test of a new Amiga module player which streams compressed sample data. -

That's it for this edition of Planet Dyne! Remember to look after each other. In a cruel world, kindness is a radical attitude!

buss-rider meme, where one character is happy looking over the colorful valley while the other is sad looking at the grey mountain wall. But in this take, both characters are sitting on the sunny side. The happy one is holding the sad one in their arms

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