🪐 The Planet Holds Strong (S2024-E08)

🪐 The Planet Holds Strong (S2024-E08)

Lined up toys looking like a rockband. All the classics from the 90s are there; from E.T. to Alf via TMNT

The galaxy is crazy. Then again, so is a dyne. A little bit anyways. Sometimes perceived as contrarian, but always constructive in the ambition. In the shadows of the galactic madness, this episode of Planet Dyne explores sources of hope, conspires to obtain the right to repair our devices, fights for the privacy of all, mock the corporate overlords and while it joins hand in community, it definitely doesn't sing "kumbaya". Buckle up, it's been an eventful couple of weeks.

✊ Tools for Resistance Workshop #3

Hope is scarce goods in these gloomy times. Baltan laboratories are changing that by developing a culture of hope and attempting to unpack, redefine and ultimately foster a healthier relationship with the technologies surrounding us. In that context, they've invited dynebolic to throw a party hold a workshop on the 13th of June in Eindhoven.


On 13th of June 2024, dynes are invited to bring an (old) Windows laptop, USB stick (2GB or more), an ethernet cable (optional) to get a test of digital creative freedom! More information and link to RSVP bellow:

Open-source Alternatives for Multimedia Production | Workshop by Denis “Jaromil” Roio
Tools for Resistance Workshop #3

🛠️ The power to repair

Kind of like it is with being happy, being able to fix something in the era of high-tech and nanotechnology is a revolutionary act! Dynes everywhere are worried that the rest of the universe don’t even have the power to turn some of their devices off anymore. The ignition button is eluding; extracting the batteries requires tools, craftsmanship and experience. In this pervasive digital dimension, the power to repair needs to be an inalienable right: every dyne in the galaxy should be able to observe, study, modify and distribute modifications. It is key to a sustainable life-cycle of devices.

"Europe, let's reuse, refurbish, repair" - https://repair.eu

By repairing tech, entropy turns into a resource, circulating the economy. Planet Consumerists' thirst for new high-tech gadgets is leading the solar-system to depletion of mineral resources, to slavery and wars. In such paradigm, repair-shops that recycle, restore and resell become like shrines, granting us the power over the machines. Let's support the dynes behind these shrines and the philosophy of free and open source software.

On June 16th at 4 pm CEST, Iper Festival takes you on a date with ethical hacker: Denis "Jaromil" Roio, to explore means of taking back the power to repair.

Iper – Festival delle periferie – 2024 - HIC SUNT LEONES. Dove abita l’immaginazione

⏳ A new era

Okay Goggole, what are you going to do when there's no more Internet to learn from?

As a smol language model, the dyne manually typing out this post has no answer to that question. However, a multi-gazillion dollares webshit, that made its name by providing high quality indexes mixed with ads on dynes' queries, has decided that the very same Internet that taught the AI everything it knows is now secondary. Instead, by default it will let a parrot respond to the queries with trivia. This has some pretty deep ramifications. If there's no incentive to write cool stuff on the Interwebz, where is the robot going to get new stuff to learn from? One plausible theory is it will get it from the DMs you send to your loved ones. At the time of writing this, AI is being shipped in toasters and diapers world wide. There seems to be no end to the frenzy. The parrot is getting good though, that's for sure. But at what cost?

Google Search adds a “web” filter, because it is no longer focused on web results
Google Search now has an option to search the “web,” which is not the default anymore.

🔻 Web3privacy Summit

Remember last year in Rome when a dyne rocked the stage at the Web3privacy summit? Well it happened again! This time in the mythical venue of Paralelní Polis. It was a proper blast! Some dynes that witnessed it felt a little overwhelmed, being thrown back in the delicious times of punk and squats.

A dyne like you addressing an audience at Paralelní Polis. Behind them a slide on the screen showing the infamous ASCII Internet café.

No dyne craves dressing in suits and be presented by academic titles. In fact, to a dyne their names are not that important. They're just dynes like you.

Two dynes like you on the stage holding mics looking happy. Behind them a slide on a screen showing the zenroom.org logo

There is no prognosis on when the video of the talk will be released, but for the nostalgic, here's the one from last year:

🦾 Inclusive Avec

A small dyne brings attention to some work of an Olivia King. She has designed a king typeface made for accessibility and legibility for all readers. There are many attempts at easing reading for dyslexics out there, and while they are functional, their looks aren't that terrible. This one here combines the best of both worlds and is entirely open source. Typography dynes rejoices and it echoes across the channels.

Inclusive Sans — Olivia King
A text typeface designed for accessibility and legibility for all readers.

💱 And now, a word from our sponsor


💣 Forkbomb in the parliament

In this episode, the Italian speaking dynes were blessed with a special video. One dyne made it into a parliament with a forkbomb. Of course, this bomb was friendly, albeit sharp.

forkbomb (don't paste this in your terminal)

The inhabitants of planet DeCifris invited the dyne to talk about the importance of sovereignty when it comes to security. The need to be able to hold firmly in hand tools that can be controlled and improved by the dynes wielding it. A must see!

Link to YouTube video

🪴 Permacomputing

There are many terms to describe sustainable computing. A fairly recent one is "Permacomputing". It's an idea that is mostly proposed by adorable dynes with beautiful beards and a certain nostalgic je-ne-sais-quoi in their eyes. While it might seem like plain nostalgia at first, because of the omnipresence of old tech, this movement is about preserving the environment by optimizing existing tech instead of producing new, resource craving stuff. Because there are huge environmental and societal issues in today's computing, permacomputing specifically wants to challenge them in the same way as permaculture has challenged industrial agriculture. With that said, permacomputing is an anti-capitalist political project. It is driven by several strands of anarchism, decolonialism, intersectional feminism, post-marxism, degrowth and ecologism.

You can imagine the surprise that ensued in the channels when a dyne showed up with a link from Le Monde talking about it.

« Permacomputing » : la discrète communauté qui défend des outils numériques libres, sobres et décroissants
Et si le numérique était un espace de choix pour expérimenter autour de la notion de limites ? Chercheurs, chercheuses et activistes du monde de l’art, du design et du jeu vidéo tentent de réensauvager Internet grâce aux principes de la permaculture.

pssssst.... can't read it? Try this: https://archive.is/bNNdz

That's it for this edition of Planet Dyne!

It is in your mailbox. Or is it? Hopefully you will read it there... or here... and share it! Feel free to leave a comment bellow and tip off the redaction of some hefty links or tell them what you REALLY think about all this data. But remember, this is a communal effort, the product of an ever ongoing discussion in the many, bridged channels out there. If it misses anything to you, it probably means it misses You, fellow dyne: come to the planet!

Schrödinger holding a box. He says "There is no way of knowing if the cat is dead or alive until you open the box" Out of the box a speech bubble utters "MEOW!" upon which Schrödinger responds "SHUSH!"

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