๐ŸŒŠ Tides turn but the ocean remains. (Planet Dyne S2024E04)

๐ŸŒŠ Tides turn but the ocean remains. (Planet Dyne S2024E04)

While the galaxy known as the Internet is busy figuring out what the next social pole will be, Planet Dyne is continuing on it's course towards sovereignty and togetherstanding.

๐Ÿฆถ๐Ÿฝ The battle of the giants, part 78

If you haven't heard about the epidemic of enshittificaiton by now, welcome to the Planet, fellow dyne! Hopefully, the time spent under the rock was cosy and full of creativity and hacking. There's no shame in locking oneself out of the incessant hype-buzz of the myriad of things happening everywhere, all the time, all at once. Here's the gist of the current spike in noise-to-signal ratio: corporate social networks are going down the drain.

A person gives a note to a robot saying: "Please share this with my friends". The robot has a label that says: "social media algorithm" on it's metal body. The robot looks at the note and says: "I will show this to... No one!". The person answers: "But" and the robot pulls out a gun and says: "Pay me"

It's like a breached ant-nest out there, where most native internauts are moving around, jiggling and shouting to try and settle what they believed was their followers, in a new corner of the web. Preferably one that Just Worksยฎ. All this is happening while the grassroots are playing a tune on the world's smallest open source violin.

Vivaldi on the world's smallest violin
Hands playing on a very tiny violin

But how to pivot that following? Where to take it? How to channel what was, into something to be?

The situation has highlighted many concerns, particularly among small business waking up to the realization that their entire customer-base never belonged to them. Let alone influencers. Where they ever entrepreneurs or mere isolated employees of a network brand? What is certain is that, suddenly, they are in need of reinventing their entire brand to fit the changing tones of the crumbling behemoths and adapt to the new formats on the speculative successors. And there's no shortage of contenders. Some are brand new, others are the same old same old, and some are old but kinda fresh.

cats: all your base are belong to us.

Belonging in the 21st Century

Dynes are social beings. While technology, arts and hacktivism are the forces that unite dynes, everything dynes do has always been about community. In times where the Internet is omnipresent, it is easy to forget that inter-personal networks go far beyond the digital. Dynes move fast, but they don't fear taking a well deserved aperitif with their fellows to recenter the focus on the path ahead and contemplate the journey it took to get where they are. This has led the Planet Dyne to have portals open on most of the known platforms, but be attached to none of them. (Except of course IRC). Because nurturing authentic connections is a platform agnostic activity.

But platforms have their role. They frame the Wildest Webs of the World into user experiences that are easier to grasp than it is to understand the nature of a protocol. They allow for sending "๐Ÿ˜˜" to Grand'ma without her having to get a degree in computer engineering. They are platforms within the greater Internet-Platform. They take care of the complexity, so you don't have to. And the current situation is the price of that service. Because the reality is that knowledge is power.

Education and Organization

While it is profitable to gate-keep knowledge through convenience, it is still possible to gain knowledge. And by gaining knowledge, a dyne becomes independent from webshits. Communing with fellow dynes and venturing outside the paradigm of doom-scrolling is one way to accrue emancipating experiences. It's a smol step for a dyne but takes the courage and effort to ask a hard question: "What is it I want to do?"

The Internet may be facing an identity crisis, but the events that have lead up to it are well documented and mainly boil down to decisions made by people who's names and address can be found. These decisions can be undone. And if life together is to function in a digital society, dynes from all azimuths need to get involved in this process to bring back diversity, collaboration and constructive competition in a nearly monolithic realm built on a colonialist tradition. Effectively, work needs to be done on changing the broken regulations that have already been adopted and engagement with upcoming regulations need to happen.

EU countries give crucial nod to first-of-a-kind Artificial Intelligence law
The ambassadors of the 27 countries of the European Union unanimously adopted the worldโ€™s first comprehensive rulebook for Artificial Intelligence, rubber-stamping the political agreement that was reached in December.

Together, everything that is impossible alone comes into reach. And Planet Dyne has channels for you where you can conspire how you want the future to look. It doesn't matter which platform you use, dynes will be waiting for you there with a helping hand to guide you into the warmth of decentralized community.

โ–ถ๏ธ Dyne:bolic IV

After a long period of inactivity, the legendary live bootable GNU+Linux distribution called Dyne:bolic is making a come back with version 4 (IV). This time based on Devuan (Debian fork without systemd).

True to it's roots (and the reggae), it promises a 100% free operative system, as defined by the FSF.

For culture and information to circulate freely and unbiased, media activists, artists and creatives need to be independent from corporate alienation. Dynebolic is an Operating System and a practical tool for multimedia production: it enables the manipulation and broadcasting of audio, video and graphics, with tools to record, edit, encode, stream, and publish. Dyne:bolic automatically recognizes most device and peripherals: audio, video, TV, network cards, firewire, usb and more; all using only free software!
A dyne spotted in Bangalore while hanging on a tree branch with his recycled old laptop.

The aim is to make an OS that can run on as many computers as possible, old and new, including as a single executable inside other OS:es!

The development takes place in a Git repository on the free platform Gitea at https://git.devuan.org/jaromil/dynebolic and the team welcomes contributions, feedback, documentation, testers, lurkers and happy dynes. To reach out to the dynes involved in this resurrection, head over to the bridged chat space using your favorite client: Matrix, Telegam or Discord.

Stay tuned to be informed of the Alpha release!

Who will be the master, and who will be the slave, in a future dominated by super intelligent machines?

๐Ÿ“  The Intelligent Machine

Artificial Intelligence has been around for a minute. But not nearly as long as the yet unanswered question: "What is intelligence?" There are some ideas as to what it means, but a consensus is yet to be found.

Sega AI - SMS Power!
Boot screen of the AI Computer. Click the image to read more about this old robot.

In this episode, one dyne comes down with alarming news from PrivacyMatters. In a profit-seeking interest of trying to raise the intellectual level of the robot overlord, some corporate webshit has come up with the smelly idea that reading everyone's private messages is a good solution.

Click the image to read the article

This echoes across the planet as a gruesome idea, also from the perspective of a robot. Everyone knows what a dyne does in the bathroom, yet everyone would still rather want the door to the bathroom remains closed.

A picture of a woman bend over what looks like a desperate robot in distress. The caption says: "My gmail personal assistant. Analyzing my sentiments for free"

And this is not the only front on which the battle for privacy is taking place. Together with mobile OSs AI integration, the same dyne brings up a paper showing the latest forms of proposed mandatory subversion of crypto and the legitimization of state surveillance.

Bugs in our pockets: the risks of client-side scanning
Abstract. Our increasing reliance on digital technology for personal, economic, and government affairs has made it essential to secure the communications and de

Planet Dyne is ready to push forwards, but that's it for this episode! With your co-conpsiring it could achieve even greater greatness: You can help Dyne.org hack the planet today! Join the discussion. Or get yourself an Artpack!

Dyne Supporter Artpack Vol. 1

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