🌞 A happy solstice (S2024-E09)

🌞 A happy solstice (S2024-E09)

Header image: A dyne holding up a stencil of the lowercase "g" of the Dyne.org logotype. It is a sans-serif g, where the tail turns into an infinity loop. The photo is filtered to resemble an image in a newsprint.

Behold fellow dyne! Solstice is upon us! Dynes across the northern galaxy rejoice as darkness returns with a license to geek granted by the murky seasons.

Ok, to be fair, light is nice. It's a balance. Complementary. Enjoy the crescendo, southern galaxy!

πŸ•ΆοΈ Nice weather, sibling!

A screenshot of a bandcamp player linking to an album on Bandcamp by Julien Dyne.

Radiant blue sky, a fresh breeze. Beautiful bodies moving in the street, smiling. A dream for many dynes in the northern hemisphere, living in places with droughts, floods and landslides. But the hopes shine ever radiant in the heart of the planet; action is taking place. Some dynes are even conspiring to set a better pace to the climate transition. It's over due, but not too late. In this episode, PACESETTERS held a first information day for dynes from the entire galaxy to attend. PACESETTERS acknowledge that Art saves and Culture feeds! Creatives from all casts, working to better the conditions of the near future, succeeding or failing, are invited to take a survey. This with the goal to gather data on what strategies work. Or not. For everyone to take, share and improve.

Is this you, fellow dyne? Then come swim in the OCEAN (Open Call for Emerging, Advanced and Novel Practices)
The next date is Mon, Jul 1st 2024, 3 - 4pm CEST
Info Session: Open Call for Emerging, Advanced and Novel Practices | PACESETTERS

✌🏽 Friends of Europe

It's hard to dismiss the loud chants coming from the tinfoil cats. Songs about the growing influence of Β©orporations over the delicate fabric of democracy. It is observable on planet Earth as a whole. All the bases are belong to them now, and almost everyone tossed the ToS in the loo. One dyne creates a textual punch to all of that and gets published by Friends Of Europe. Planet dyne is a friend of planet Earth. Unconditionally. But it's hard to see where the relationship with planet Β©orporation is going. It seems rather toxic in it's one-way dynamic. Seeing how much influence lobbyists have on parliamentary politics. After all, lobbies aren't restricted by borders as Nation states' legislation is.

But only people can save the universe! That includes you, fellow dyne! Do the right thing and please share this article to your extended network if it resonates with you. A must read either way.

Democracy at risk: media warfare and the role of technology in modern elections - Friends of Europe
The think tank for a more inclusive Europe

It may be hard to see from the lense provided by the Β©orporate machine, but everywhere, resistance is organizing. Getting ready to confront lobbyist in this new frontier that is the World Wild Web. Dynes like you can build space rockets, repair computers, clean up rivers, cook delicious food and create beautiful art. Action is always radical, regardless of the scale. And what ever you do, make sure you look after the weaker peers. They're not slowing us down, they're teaching us perspectives.

🧧 Now a word from our sponsor

Alt-text: "why flat earthers are affected by 5G and normal people aren't". The image shows people standing on a flat line and thus being in the radiation zone of a 5G mast. Bellow it peopl standing on on circular line, thus having their heads bellow the radiation from the 5G mast."why flat earthers are affected by 5G and normal people aren't". The image shows people standing on a flat line and thus being in the radiation zone of a 5G mast. Bellow it peopl standing on on circular line, thus having their heads bellow the radiation from the 5G mast.

πŸ“Ό New version of frei0r, whodis?

Video dynes rejoice. v2.3.3 just dropped and it brings new cool FX and bug-fixes. Dynes love the smell of community driven software in the morning! Try it out it's tasty!

Release v2.3.3 Β· dyne/frei0r
What’s Changed Add new Kaleid0sc0pe example video by @gbendy in #183 New effect - gate weave by @esmane in #180 Gateweave, Filmgrain - change inline functions to static inline by @esmane in #192 F…

🎴 Diversity

Code alone is not enough. To make a real-world impact, we must foster collaboration across diverse groups. Web3privacy is mad cool. You should go next time if you have the chance, fellow dyne!


πŸ–ŒοΈ Painting a song

One dyne shares an interesting talk from the Libre Graphics Meeting in 2012, by Amir Hassan. In it they present about SoundFumble, a tool for live sound generation with GNUimp. Drone aficionados beware: you will have a hard time keeping away from the dancefloor! The video has overtones of nostalgia. Do you remember the time when dynes would go to a meetup with a running nose? Say whatever about the pandemic, but it did make us wash our hands again and care about each other. No offense, Amir. The dyne writing this wasn't any better πŸ’œ just contemplating the progress.

A screenshot of a YouTube video linking to the video

That's it for this edition of the Planet Dyne is sweet and we feel fine! Remember that this is a collective effort. If something is missing, it's you fellow dyne! Come share some stuff to make the planet grow!

Or help a dyne hack and get yourself an artpack!

Dyne Supporter Artpack Vol. 1

Inside of it? Simple beauty in Multimedia! Maybe a little bit of mystery, too. Planet Dyne's residents certainly hope it will make you feel something positive.

2 bucks or name your price

πŸ„ Bonus track

Toot on mastodon spelling: "Publicly available container images are very similar to USB drives you find in the parking lot. They are meant to be downloaded and run in production."β€”Jerry Bell​

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