We are working to equip Europe with its Blockchain Services Infrastructure

We are working to equip Europe with its Blockchain Services Infrastructure

I am proud to announce that at Dyne.org we have joined forces with RIDDLE&CODE and InfoCert to empower Europan member states with strong and durable technology for blockchain notarization.

Dyne.org, RIDDLE&CODE and InfoCert’s consortium appointed to take EBSI to the next level - InfoCert
Vienna, September 21st, The consortium formed by Dyne.org, RIDDLE&CODE and InfoCert, has been selected by the European Commission as one of seven contractors to develop the next version of the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI). The award is one more milestone in the consortium’s track record of excellence with cryptography and blockchain, after Dyne.org led the flagship H2020 project DECODE, RIDDLE&CODE’s blockchain solutions are deployed in banking […]

Down to the technical details, here a preview of the features we are implementing for the solution:

Lean, portable and interoperable with any existing blockchain platform — running on any device from chips to browsers and cloud — Zenbridge lowers the complexity of decentralized and scalable edge-computing setups and can be managed without special technical knowledge: it can be programmed in human-like language! (Zencode)

The Zenbridge network is a multi-layered and distributed computing environment. It’s core is Zenroom and allows smart-contracts to run on any device, including bare-metal, low-powered and legacy, as well cloud deployments in Kubernetes or Swarm.

It will downsize the crypto to run even on bare metal and low-powered computing devices and can be retro-fitted to existing infrastructure.

The “Zenroom” crypto-VM is the outcome of flagship European research

What Can Open Science Learn and Use From DECODE’s Blockchain Urbanism Research and Tech Stack? – GenR
In the context of contemporary urban development the growth of Smart Cities through—IoT, the sharing-economy such as AirBnB, digital services and platform

Now we plan to adopt Zenbridge in production for 2 initial use-cases:

a Digital Product Passport powered by state of the art cryptography

The DPP is a very important component for Circular Economies

EURACTIV Press Release Site
In future, the digital product passport is to include all important environmental and material data of a product along its entire life cycle. VDMA sees opportunities and challenges in this concept and calls for the involvement of the industry.

And the licensing notarization will provide time-based evidence of software licensing adopted on hardware devices, for a transparent and consistent record of their changes across time, because we want right to repair in Europe!

The applications will not be limited to these early use-cases, but extend to anything that can benefit from free and open source digital notarization systems, even to very important and urgent human-rights issues as those addressed by the Global Passport Project.

Global Passport Project |

Or to improve the management and use of energy with demand-side response services granting flexibility sharing and grid balancing like Hestia is doing.

Now please wish us luck in this quest: while being among the 7 selected organizations to race in EBSI’s pre-commercial procurement, we are engaging this challenge with a consortium and we plan to be even more inclusive in future, opening a playing field with clear standards and sovereign technologies for organizations and SMEs in each European member state.

The only way we can improve Europe is by sticking together ❤

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