🌺 The year Internet reblossomed (Planet Dyne S2023E50)

🌺 The year Internet reblossomed (Planet Dyne S2023E50)

Once again inside your inbox, a tiny spark of contrast has landed. Planet Dyne is back to bring you the gratest, and the latest from the Internet Galaxy.

While the giants of internet are taking jabs among themselves, grasping for the others' slice of the Interactive Television they built on top of the Internet, the smol web is blossoming. Dynes of all walks of life, shape and color are organizing in various forms to deliver the initial promises of internet: diversity, better communication, less middle-hands. Where the corporations are destroying their interoperability, musicians are repurposing RSS, Vloggers are appropriating the channels for their patrons, writers are self-hosting their blogs, communities are gathering in their own corner of the galaxy.

Unless you just landed on this planet, it is no mystery that it has always been a proponent of the sovereign ways. In fact the inhabitants of the planet are working relentlessly towards digital sovereignity for all. And it would be beautiful if you could lend a hand! To do that, no need to be a coder! The easiest way to support Dyne.org is to donate a coffee or a slice of cake's worth of Bitcoins or state issued shitcoins. You can do this in your preferred ways, through:

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In an Internet overtaken by corporations' services designed to harvest personal data, human-centric communities are needed more than ever. To navigate a digital society we need to be empowered with tools and the knowledge to wield them. For 3 decades, Dyne.org has been producing free, safe and accessible technologies that are used by millions of users worldwide to inspire, communicate, share and create.

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Dyne.org is committed to emancipate humanity with digital tools. But the tools aren't everything. Your donations helps us ensure that the knowledge necessary to wield these tools to the full extend of their potential is evenly distributed to everyone in possession of an internet access.

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🍩 And now, a word from our sponsor


πŸ––πŸ½ Devuan FTW!

Devuan, the delicious GNU+Linux distro with init-freedom that stood up against the opak and convoluted systemd, keeps proliferating! With an average rating of 9.24 on DistroWatch, its rocking and shocking the universe with unparalleled stability. There are tons of community channels out there, it’s absolutely beautiful!

But remember: the only official channels are those listed on devuan.org/os/community. In that list, let this newsletter recommend the exquisite and mythical billboard: dev1galaxy. Would be neat to see you there, fellow dyne!

🎷 Ardour 8.2 is out

Lately, many dynes have expressed that reality feels like this:


But it doesn't have to be this way. A dyne can define where it stands in the multiverse. Even in captivity, the mind of a dyne roams free in the realm of dreams. Reality has many natures. All of which are hard to fully comprehend.


But while a dyne is free, a good way to practice dreaming and sharpen imagination is to create music. Music can radically alter a mood, and rally dynes from all calls. Something extremely important in this day and age.

Some great dyne-like creatures from a neighboring planet are working on a super powerful Digital Audio Workstation called "Ardour". They have just released the latest version of their software. The raves and the bonfires are epic!

That’s it for this edition of Previously on Planet Dyne, a little shorted than usual... But hey, you have the power to change that. Simply join the co-creation of the next episode, and:

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