🧱 Breaking walls, one silo at the time. (Planet Dyne S2023E49)

🧱 Breaking walls, one silo at the time. (Planet Dyne S2023E49)

Whether you're a recluse in the darkness of the northern hemisphere, or tanning your peach in the southern, Planet Dyne brings you last week's latest and greatest from the galaxy.

πŸ™ƒ Radical happiness

In a solar-system full of gloom and cynicism, the happy is a rebel. In the void of space, sources of happiness can seem scarce to the untrained soul. But a dyne can count blessings. Food, shelter, drinking water, friendship, WiFi… Scale is a matter of perspective. It's especially true in terms of happiness. Your mental well-being is important. First and foremost to you. But also important for the grand scheme of the universe. The balance of the galaxy needs happiness. And that could be coming from you, or your neighbor. Most likely you AND your neighbor. Take a trip in inner-space, contemplate the sum of all the small beauty around you and allow yourself to channel happiness, fellow dyne!

CIFRIS23 πŸ’œ Zenroom

A couple of dynes from the Zenroom continent will be attending CIFRIS23, in Rome, 14-15 December 2023. This event will take place in the prestigious CONSOB. CIFRIS23 is an international event, supported and organized by De Cifris, aimed at bringing together dynes in the field of cryptography, practitioner dynes, building dynes, and dyne-dynes to foster cooperation and exchange techniques, tools, experiences, and ideas.

πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ Piracy is back

A scoop hits the planet: some sleeping dynes thought piracy was gone. Maybe the noisy chants of the corporate media rental made them feel comfortable or something. If anything, corporate convenience is... convenient. But a good dyne drops the hot numbers proving that piracy is alive and kicking. Dynes like original pirate material. Not because it is free, all work deserves remuneration, especially maintenance like Plumbing, IT and Art. But to have a fair Plumbing-/IT-/Art-market, there needs to be a fair market. And until that happens, maybe a little subversion is legitimized? A hard question begging for answers. One thing is certain, the derpy dyne writing this newsletter can't come up with a straight answer. Finding the answers can probably only happen collectively. The good news is that at midnight on the first of January, everything that was created in 1928 enters the public domain. Can you hear the planet calling, Cthulhu?

πŸͺ™ A word from our sponsor

πŸ€– To be lazy, or to be smart-lazy?

A meme creates a rave on Planet Dyne. AI is high up in the collective hivemind. It still seems unlikely that AI will replace humans, but maybe humans with AI will replace humans without AI? Kind of like coming to a construction yard with a spade, where everyone is driving a backhoe. The future is whatever dynes make it to be. But inter-specie friendship between humans and robots seems like a cool thing. Hopefully by then we'll all be too busy doing the things together that we really enjoy to even think in terms of labor.


πŸŽ™οΈ Pseudo-Ops

Dynes like to talk, that's no secret. Vortex and Setto, AKA Grump and Chirpy took this to another level and initiated a podcast, called Pseudo-Ops. Episode 0, which was meant to be kept secret, leaked (as secrets tend to do). The curious can catch the replay on the DyneTV channel.

πŸ’Š Acid December

For thousands of years an inter-dimensional tradition happens occasionally during December. What makes those December special is that Acid December takes place IN OUR DIMENSION!

It was initiated by the amazing people at DevSound while they were re-inventing Lemon Trees. Incidentally, a seed fell into the Internet and roots spread all over the web, calling contributors to compulsively send acid tracks. These tracks are then released one by one during December. If 42 contributions are sent in, it runs until December 42nd.

Tune in, turn on and email acid@datapop.se! Attach your audio in the mail with a picture if you want. Download links are cool if the files are big. Don't forget to write your name and add a link to your web.


That’s it for this edition of Previously on Planet Dyne, join the co-creation of the next episode, and…

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