🌚 A trip to the moon (Planet Dyne S2023E36-37)

🌚 A trip to the moon (Planet Dyne S2023E36-37)

Planet Dyne continues to navigate the oceans of information and data-seas, like pirate girls on a mission to give all the bases back to the people!

Over 120 years have elapsed (1902) since George MΓ©liΓ¨s first took audiences on a journey to the moon in his groundbreaking film "Le Voyage dans la Lune," which also happens to be the very first science fiction film ever screened. Fully available 🍿 here πŸ“½οΈ 10min worth it!

The plot has a lot of analogies to how the working group of the The European Digital Identity Wallet is acting: Reluctant scientists say dynes can't go to the moon. When finally some pioneers are able to get there, they are sent. But once arrived they kill all the Selenites, just like the rights of European citizens to have their identity preserved are being slayed.

πŸŽ‰ Empodera 2023

The 15th edition of Empodera LIVE is around the corner! This is the type of dyne-stuff that goes straight up the alley of any dyne:

Digital Citizen Sovereignty: Under Construction
πŸ“… September 26th and 27th
πŸ“ Teatro Echegaray. MΓ‘laga, Spain

Don't miss out on your seat! It's free so be quick!

πŸ‘‰ Register here πŸ‘ˆπŸΏ

As any leading event in Civic Technology would do, they've asked one dyne to come check the mic one-two with some powerful message. The dynes that aren't going can't wait for the videos to be uploaded. Check out their mad video editing skills!

You'll be able to catch the same dyne in Rome at Web3privacy in October.


But don't worry, we'll blow the horn about that again!

⚰️ Tomb 2.10

In this episode, Tomb 2.10 gets an update alertπŸ’₯ Fixes, updates, and a game-changing addition: Argon2 KDF support to safeguard passwords from brute-forcing. Plus, the brand new Tomb website is up and running.


πŸͺ€ 1 hour sleep, 23 hours play

Play is vital to dynes. Most dynes call it "hacking", but it is essentially the same thing. If you are unfamiliar with play, think of it as doing something that makes you feel good and gives you purpose, over and over again! A couple of dynes explore the possibilities of play with a funky tool. It looks like a toy, sounds like a synth and acts like a computer. What more can a dyne possibly desire from the material world?


🐌 Measuring molluskosity


The giant moneyslug's tantrums are echoing louder across the world. And like most beings in this galaxy, dynes are on the hunt for a new place to organize on a grassroots level. As usual with software and webshits, there's a plethora of options. Some more free than other, all with percs and problems. One of the popular options is to collectively ride on the back of a mammoth. It is getting so common that even the tiny Swiss are adopting it for their government. There's a sense of pride and fear seeing governments boarding on a FOSS platform. Pride because "FINALLY!". Fear because governments have a tendency to turn.

🌏 Dyne is a Libre Planet

A neighboring planet is making a call for papers. A super cool event will go down in March 2024, and you should apply now! Community really is like a garden, it needs to be cultivated.

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Go here πŸ‘ˆπŸΎ

[The call for sessions for LibrePlanet 2024: Cultivating community is open. Submit your session by October 25 at libreplanet.org/2024.]

πŸŒ‰ Influx

The previous episode of Planet dyne triggered an influx of dynes. All channels get a bump in joy and happiness. And probably you are reading this now thanks to that! Well met, fellow dyne! It's nice to see you. Dynes acknowledge how hard it is to find community on the Interwebz. Well, there are plenty of communities, many very excellent. But places where humanity and robots can gather in all their beauty and flaws are rare. And on this planet, even the robots are totally human!


❓How to include it all

You can’t. There’s too much out there and at some point, an episode has to end. But the good news is that the next episodes are lining up, thanks to the contribution of dynes like you!

So join us for the co-creation of next episode and don't forget to hike and subculture!

Tune in to the discussion πŸ’¬

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