必 Nostalgia from the present (Planet Dyne S2023E33)

必 Nostalgia from the present (Planet Dyne S2023E33)

Missed out on a great week of exploration, discoveries, creativity and hacking? No worries, here is the recap of Episode 33, season 2023 of the great Planet Dyne saga!

Its 2023 and the UX space is full of experts. This has led our phones to be very smart and the buttons to be very shiny and placed exactly where you expected it. Except of course if youre blind or left-handed. But there was a time before that, around 1998-2002, where UX was a like the wild west. Even in the east! Dynes remember fondly. Although to be fair, dynes tend to have pretty good self-governance over their user-space. On the beautiful morning of the Monday, one dyne shared a couple of time-traveling pills, and the nostalgia levels went through the roof.

It became clear that if the Internet was a landscape, it would be called Netscape and all the music would be OGGs neatly sorted into folders. While theres still no one who can agree if Hiphop stand on its own or if it should be a sub-folder of Electronic, some dyne somewhere in a neighboring planetary system has clearly understood the purpose of BigData. Theyve used it to sort Rappers by the size of their vocabulary.

The future of Decentralization, AI, Computing and everything

Right now there is a lot of FUD (Fun, Understanding and Debates) surrounding these topics. One dyne suggests that the planet have a look at the Decentralization Summit at UC Berkley. Surprisingly, it doesnt create a lot of fuzz. But that could also just mean that many dynes lack the means to travel to the United States of so-called America. One can dream of electric sheep, dreaming is still better than being a Goggles, who is having difficulties with spelling.

On the bright side, this means that a dyne now stands a chance at scrabble against monolithic internet corporations. Eat this! But what is a goggle to a torrent? Many dynes are expert at torrenting. They know everything about seeding and leeching and caring, so they share! A collective effort is put in place to make sure the new release of Devuan 5.0 Daedalus is properly, equally and socially distributed. It flows from peer to peer, through the air, the wires and all the fluffy clouds (computers that belong to other dynes) that comprise our beloved Internet.

Some dynes are less expert, others are mega experts. This cooperation is carried out with the right amount of hippie-music at hand! A refrain is coming out of the humming: Praise the user-friendly ISP.s They giveth protection for the monies.

Birth of a meme

Scrubbing is not fun, but so is often the case with chores. One dyne finds a way to amalgamate fun with scrubbing. It remains unclear how this mythology spawns but it has something to do with a certain Sploogys dad and an obscure niche of infomercials from a dimension where they went through the whole NFT bonanza in the late 80s

To be fair, the NFT bonanza is long past on planet dyne too. Instead of blaming themselves or others for some Internets weird choices in investment of their life-savings, many dynes have moved on to blame it all on the furniture instead.

Chaos Communication Champs

It is a highly sought after stage in a dynes life to attend the Chaos Communication Camp. So it is nothing but normal that the dynes that get to go, share images and videos with the dynes that cant. This years edition is no exception.

In fact some dynes are meeting up and collectively entered their greatest form of Devuanistas! About time! They immediately got to work with a Daedalus Pi and a string of DMX stage-lights to guarantee good mood at the Devuan after-party! Talk about redundant efficiency!

plentyn & vortex discussed further Devuan events and meetups, with a potential Devuan presence at fosdem next February. There was even some discussion about a small batch of Devuan swag, but youll have to stay tuned until it passes the council of the wise ones. What we can reveal to you today, is that this event established for a fact that Lemons enjoy tattoos, and that they have excellent taste in motives.


Holidays on Planet Dyne

Episode 33 unfolds during holidays. If you dont know what Holidays are, think of it as a weekend with many days. This means that dynes, who are usually found hacking, are hacking on something else. And also they share a lot of incredibly interesting content. One corner that never stops though, is Zenroom. The dynes over there make an opportunity of the moment. Since the other dynes have to paused to reflect, Zenroom dynes submit a poll. They query everyone on which webinar they would most like to see. 4 options are submitted.

  • Zenswarm blockchain oracle: call a generic EVM smart contract
  • BBS (zero knowledge proofs) - examples in apiroom.net
  • PVSS (Publicly Verifiable Secret Sharing) - examples in apiroom.net
  • Starters/Signroom/Didroom: signatures and identity wallet (see: https://fokbomb.solutions )

(Pssssst The answer should be given at any moment now, come find out in the dedicated channel on Telegram, Discord or Matrix.)

Meanwhile, all the other channels are accelerated: reports of beef in the Old Skool Warez Scene break out! Somebody from a neighboring planet has built a Turing-Complete CPU in Sunvox! Caturday is celebrated (a holiday strictly reserved for cats).

Rumors that Dyne:Bolics has a telegram channel emerge. Incredibly powerful news from Asia hits the planet. Huge news even, it becomes possible the hear the floor trembling all the way from the hellish planet Wallstreet.

The fluxus goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on and it is now crystal clear, that the best way for you to measure the depth, variety and relevance of what is happened on Planet Dyne Episode 33, is to become an integral part of the next Episode!

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