๐Ÿซ’ Daemons, devels and dynebolic (S2024-E05)

๐Ÿซ’ Daemons, devels and dynebolic (S2024-E05)


JAH RASTASOFT! Big up yaself all fresh Juvenile, all heartical Kings & Queens. Dash whe all Copycat! Wickedness bun ina Hotta Fire. Leggo all envy, greed and jealousy and live up to Ure work. Perform it well, escape outta hell, babywrong is a spell. Ure Willpower shall conquer!

๐Ÿ“€ Dynebolic Raises From The Ashes

The prophecy was true! Everything you heard was right! Dynebolic 4.0.0-beta is here! Breaking boundaries and spaghetti like ninjas in the break of dawn, dynes from all light-years back are crawling out from their hacklabs to hack once again on the legendary 777% Free Software, live-bootable, GNU+Linux distribution for multimedia production.


Promotional video for dynebolic 4.0.0-beta

This is your call to be part of something great, your chance to give your old machines new breath, new life, new power and let your creative juices flow. It is a beta, so expect bugs! We gotta catch them all! Download the ISO, boot it in your machine, YOU are invited hang out with us in our channels the dancehall!

d:b gangsign

๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ Setting The Pace

In this episodes, a couple of dynes landed on the Trondheim moon, gravitating around planet Norway, to help driving the climate transition in Art and culture. This is no small bid, but many dynes believe most realities begin with a dream. Also, how to sit around on an arse while the solar-system is on fire?


Looped video logo of PACESETTERS

PACESETTERS is a research project that brings together partners and places, creative practice and research perspectives that are out of the ordinary: climate scientists and artistic entrepreneurs, difficult heritages and whitewashed villages, psychometrically validated surveys and circular aesthetics. All partners share the confidence needed not just to adapt to, but to drive the transition into more just and sustainable economies. These dynes came together in the conviction that innovation mainly happens where it is least expected โ€” for example, in cultural institutions that are well-anchored locally even if they arenโ€™t globally branded. Genalguacilโ€™s public museum foundation, Galwayโ€™s art festival, and Nowa Hutaโ€™s cultural centre C.K. Norwida may be small-scale organisations but they are lean, flexible and experienced enough to produce huge effects and impacts in their communities and beyond. 

โฉ Fast-forward To The Past

One dyne shares the news that a mythical Magazine has been digitized and published online for everyone to read. The first edition contains Cyberpunks and Tim Leary on the same cover, featuring a fazed dude reading a magazine about REALITY.

Mondo 2000 - Anarchivism

An article by Terrance McKenna and a picture of Robert Anton Wilson; mind blowing to see all of this under the same magazine! It is a wonderful collage of computing, mysticism and psychedelics. Needless to say, this is art!

A drawing of Richard Stallman riding on a gnu. He is wearing a knight armor and a crown that looks like the tower of babel.

๐Ÿ“น Generative Video Bonanza

"Live coding" and "Video". If you find yourself lonely in a bar, these are two of the words you can utter out loud to instantly locate the dynes in the room. Few things attract a dyne more. Some dyne from a neighboring planet has created a tool to mess around with video in the browser. Think, "lavalamp7000" but on steroid. You can plug your camera, trigger stuff with audio signals and blow your own mind in real time.

live coding networked visuals in the browser

๐Ÿฆฟ Literature Against The Machine

One dyne shares an interesting exercise:

What follows is a writing proposal to communicate without being comprehensible by generative AI such as Chat-GPT or Gemini: an unprecedented !de-machine storytelling, a provocative and irreverent gesture that invites reflection on an evident one-way speculation that sees humans feed artificial โ€˜intelligenceโ€™ degrading culturally and without receiving much in return, if not a feeling of comfort and pleasure with respect to a relationship rebalanced (from an economic point of view in the first place).
The 1st โ€˜de-machine storytellingโ€™ Contest
Quella che segue รจ una proposta di scrittura per comunicare senza essere comprensibili dalle AI generative come Chat-GPT o Gemini: un inedito !de-machine storytelling, un gesto provocatorio e irrivโ€ฆ

Perhaps the machines have gone too far, but is that a bad thing? A more interesting question might be what we are doing with them. When a USB wall-charger CPU has more power than the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGU), but many of the galaxy's inhabitants are still working 9-to-5 cubicles to shuffle values in spreadsheets (at best), it becomes rather clear that something isn't adding up in the equation. More interestingly, can a USB wall-charger run Doom?

A woman playing the flute with boxing gloves on her hands

That's all for this edition of Planet Dyne! Thank you for joining the adventures. Tell a friend about it and remind them that this story is a participative one: you can decide where the planet goes by simply sharing your mind in the channels.

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