🐱 It was the cat! (Planet Dyne S2023E35)

🐱 It was the cat! (Planet Dyne S2023E35)

Planet Dyne is hurling through space, and its inhabitants are relentlessly scouting the networks with the intuition and efficiency of slime mold.

Some neighboring planets are busy releasing Llama's and farting cats. It's a mess out there, but the potential is undeniable. Dynes explore ways to have a sentient Daemon running on their own computer instead of that of the corporate overlord. No perfect solution has been found yet, but the sum of all dimly lit rooms where hacking is going on adds up to the brightness of a supernova.

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πŸƒ What is a runlevel?

Some questions are simple, others are hard. The best questions are those that are still unanswered. They provide the "AHA" for everyone.


πŸ’©πŸ‘‘πŸ’© The Emperor looks Fat

Dublin will have a dyne to represent in this intriguing event by Friends of Europe (and therefore our friends). Your own personal Jaromil will remind everyone of the most obvious but least listened lesson we get from the Internet: tech is political, and we need ethical hacking.


He has also promised to write more about the topic after a very successful intervention held at the opening of the Italian chapter of the Berggruen institute. History will tell if this is just wasted time or the big shots are really listening!

πŸ›οΈ Residing in the Byzantine

Dynes are planning creatures. They have so many plans! In case anyone is planning to do digital art on byzantine subjects (WHY NOT), one dyne recommends a residency in Verga, Messenian Mani, Peloponnese, Greece

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Apply here πŸ‘ˆπŸΏ

πŸ“» Camp Radio Redux

Chaos Communication Camp Redux on Freifunk Radio with dyne guest Adam chewing the fat over the highlights, including an impromptu Devuan meeting & his workshop on DNSSEC related freakery.

Freak of the weak

Weeks belong to the freaks. But what do the freaks get for that? Reading between the lines of the dynes, it would appear that they are about to get some holiday. One that could disrupt the concept of holidays. Imagine a holiday for freaks, but an entire week. A week of the freak!

GNU/Linux on MOS6502?

Boot up the latest attempt to port Linux to the Motorola 6502 arch, and your maxed out Commodore64 with an unfeasibily large paged memory expansion kit should finish booting "in about a week".

If you decide against spending quality holiday time with family & friends whilst waiting for that shell prompt, a more lightweight and possibly more useful 6502 posix *nix was developed some 20 years ago (approximately the same time takes for this latest port to load firefox).

Names, Numbers & Trust as a Service

Brought to you by the letters DNSSEC and the number 13: This week the geek-sec dns overlords over at Verisign announced their roll out of elliptic curve DNS zone signing beginning with the .edu TLD.

Co-incidentally, in the last few months mozilla foundation dev Dana Keeler inexplicably ended 12 years of dev excuses & discomfort over why keeping open the feature request to support DANE standards in firefox really just hurts their feelings (and not the trust control they hold with the browser root certificate store).

No DANE in the googleplex browser either. It hurts their feelings if you don't use Chrome browser and their humungous blockchain-adjacent Certificate Transparency datastore as your source of truth for all cert-related issues.

Of course, there is no secret CABAL of web browser developers and certification authorities in the CA/B Forum. They are out in the open, have no feelings to hurt, and invest in a business model to provide a "community service" of announcing who is trustworthy. And without DANE, you are certainly not on that list - that's what you pay them for.

The only way we're aware of to get DNSSEC integrity visible on the chrome browser is via a plugin that used a binary side-car strategy to bypass restrictions or lack of chrome & android APIs. Similar frustrations with Firefox. So much so that keeping up with increased restrictions in both browser environments prompted them to give up further development.

Freak of the Week: Modern wisdom for crypto developers? "I’ve never fell off a big chimney. You only fall off one of them once."

Touching wood

War. Dyne's are not in charge of the universe, and they are quite thankful for that. But those who are in charge have lost their marbles. Luckily a neighbouring planet has experience with war that it is possible to learn from. Maybe this will be the last one? Imagine if a war was started and no one went to fight it... War is waged on the mind, too. Take care of your mind, fellow dyne!


What sauce goes with a Tech Barbecue

The best of course. That's what Planet Dyne is bringing to Copenhagen in September. It happens between 13th and 14th in 2023, and the panel will be about Privacy.


πŸ‘‰ More info here πŸ‘ˆπŸΎhttps://techbbq.dk/speakers-2023/

To spiritual or not to commune?

The deepness of last episode opens up for introspection. Where is the limit between doctrine and spiritual guidance. Dynes turn their best cheek and accept each other. Thanks for that!


πŸ€– Skynet day

Only a few days after Outernational skynet day, reports come in that the robot is already wrecking havoc on a small scale


Meanwhile, at a secret offline XR resistance camp, the training continues...

You too, fellow dyne, can take part in the saga. Come co-create the next episode in our channels.

And don't forget to hike and subculture!

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